Entry #11

YouTube Channel is officially OPEN!

2016-03-15 23:52:57 by TacoRemix

You can check it out here:

► http://bit.ly/1OY9JfT



I swear it's a link to my YouTube Channel and not just a random Bitly link of http://InstantCena.com :D

Here's a preview!


What's that!? You want to see a preview of my GAMING CHANNEL TOO!? Well I suppose! My Girlfriend and I have created a Gaming Channel, Check it out here:

► http://bit.ly/1WcNBmu



And also, a preview:

Alright that's enough shameless promotion! Sorry to say that's enough of Tink's Super Awesome Tutorials...

.... Perhaps... Taco's Super Awesome Tutorials? :P


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2016-03-16 03:43:55

YouTube should fuck off

TacoRemix responds:

I feel the frustration. At the end of the day, however, YouTube is helping countless people who have started out at Newgrounds: Jazza, for one, can now draw and teach drawing full time because of ad revenue. Egoraptor is making a killing with Game Grumps, and it's awesome that every time someone makes it, they always credit Newgrounds for getting them started. I look at all the classics these guys did, and when you look at how many views they got here vs. the views they got on YouTube, YouTube won every time. I know you've never made any cartoons as far as I could see from your profile, but if you do aspire to create any kind of content, don't just narrow it down to Newgrounds, branch out to YouTube, Vimeo, DeviantArt, Imgur, Reddit, fuckin' 4chan even.

Thanks for the comment, Pivot :)