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TacoRemix's News

Posted by TacoRemix - March 15th, 2016

You can check it out here:

► http://bit.ly/1OY9JfT



I swear it's a link to my YouTube Channel and not just a random Bitly link of http://InstantCena.com :D

Here's a preview!


What's that!? You want to see a preview of my GAMING CHANNEL TOO!? Well I suppose! My Girlfriend and I have created a Gaming Channel, Check it out here:

► http://bit.ly/1WcNBmu



And also, a preview:

Alright that's enough shameless promotion! Sorry to say that's enough of Tink's Super Awesome Tutorials...

.... Perhaps... Taco's Super Awesome Tutorials? :P

Posted by TacoRemix - October 15th, 2009

To be honest I much rather do stand-up comedy than flash. Although I am still down to do voice acting! :)
either way it will be awhile before I post any real flash stuff. I have something half done now, with just voice acting, I am going to use my traditional Alpha characters for the flash movie. That won't be for awhile. My life is so hectic with stuff, and i'm not saying that because i'm lazy. With a full time job, stand-up and school it gets tough.

Anyways, here's my first ever stand-up comedy open mic!

/* */

Posted by TacoRemix - April 8th, 2009

The guy from who plays kumar is apparently is going to be working at the whitehouse now. good news for me. bad knews for the uptight assholes. If you want my opinion on it, I say if he's experienced enough, there's a reason why he's there. Maybe he can help turn this place around with obama.

http://www.suntimes.com/news/sweet/151 7033,CST-NWS-kalpenn08.article

On a second note. I just got this thing called Bump Top.


What bumptop does is turns your ordinary homoerotic desktop into a virtual "desk" or what i like to call it a virtual room, you can hang your icons on the walls, you can increase the size of any icon, you can even stack icons! I like the "pictures frame" almost the best, it goes through all your pictures on your computer (even the porn, guys... even the porn) so every 30 seconds or so is another picture displayed on your desktop. It's really sweet! AND ITS FREE! The paid version lets you do 6 other things that I would really have no use for... Here's a link to it plus a picture of what my desktop looks like...


/* */

Kumar and an awesome desktop!

Posted by TacoRemix - April 5th, 2009

I LOVE ACHIEVEMENTS! But as foamy was ranting about, it's like we got one mind. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the avatar game where you can get 1000 points in 5 seconds. its the most retarded thing ever! then the worst game out there is final fantasy 11 i think. get to level 65 with EVERY CHARACTER. I am not going to spend the time I could be spending getting laid by giving myself a false sence of achievement by dedicating THAT MUCH TIME to something completely pointless. I think I speak for everyone when I say girl chasing is a hell of a lot better than just sitting around playing xbox / NG games all day. Although yeah I do have over 1000 NG achievments already. Big deal, at least I didn't waste my time with alkie kong ;)

Posted by TacoRemix - April 1st, 2009

IT'S APRlL F00LS! and for just this special occasion on special words being swapped here they are!

Tom = Chairman Fulp
Newgrounds = China
Flash = bicycle
Movie = mental excercise
April Fools = China Rules
God = Dictatorship of Proletariat
OMG = Oh My Dictatorship of Proletariat
Funny = class struggle
Website = THE STATE
lol = giggle

I'm pretty sure all this stuff will be SEVERELY DIFFERENT in a couple hours! :)

Newgrounds and Tom Fulp did it again! Newgrounds newgrounds newgrounds!

Chickita newgrounds, the chinese chicken, have a drum stick and your brain starts clickin.

Hey newgrounds! china newgrounds china! tom tom tom!

I feel chinese.... oh so chinese... I feel chinese and chinesey yay!!!! And I pity. any newgrounds that isn't chinese today! FA LALALA LA LA LAAAAH LA LA!

Chinese student go to school... EARLY IN THE MORNING, and he like to play kick ball inSIDE DA SCHOOL YARD! Chinese student do homework, and they STUDY REAL HARD! Walk by a good looking girl and say YOU SMELL LIKE MOTH BALLS! I wish today was sunday, so I can buy a hamburger for, 29 cent! At mcdonawds BABY!

Ch.Ch.Ch.Ch cha chu china! CHINA!!!

I'm thinking of a word. guess what it is... NEWGROUNDS!


China! What are you... CHINeN?

Posted by TacoRemix - March 18th, 2009


peace and love!

Posted by TacoRemix - March 17th, 2009

I have been Googling this like crazy and found no answers whatsoever to this question everyone seems to be asking. Well, about 5 minutes ago I figured it out.

First off, your newgrounds achievements don't count torward you getting the artifact 19. Press the P button, and select achievements. It is THESE achievements you need to get. A main reason why you probably got the newground achievement but not the Thing-Thing acheivement was because you didn't die. keep in mind you need to die for any Thing-Thing achievement to register. Exiting the window or leaving to the main menu mid-killing spree cancels any achievements you may have gotten.

"So how do I get my Artifact 19?" you ask. well, look at this guide:

//beretta bonuses

9mm Warrior - 100 (15 kills with 1 Beretta)
Sidearm Focus - 250 (30 kills with 1 Beretta)
Beligerantly Understated - 1000 (50 kills with 1 Beretta)
//dual beretta bonuses

2 Is Better Than 1 - 100 (25 kills with dual Berettas)
Death In Stereo - 250 (50 kills with dual Berettas)
Deciple Of Woo - 1000 (100 kills with dual Berettas)
//magnum bonuses

Handcannon Proficency - 100 (25 kills with the Magnum)
Soar Hands - 250 (50 kills with the Magnum)
Do Ya Feel Lucky? - 1000 (100 kills with the Magnum)
//thompson bonuses

I Let My Gun Do The Talkin, See? - 100 (25 kills with the Thompson)
You'll never take me alive, Coppers! - 250 (50 kills with the Thompson)
Chicago Memoir - 1000 (100 kills with the Thompson)
//glock 18 bonuses

Safe, Semi, KILL - 100 (15 kills with 1 Glock 18)
Spray and pray champ - 250 (30 kills with 1 Glock 18)
Abundance Of Ammunition - 1000 (50 kills with 1 Glock 18)
//dual glock 18 bonuses

Who needs accuracy? - 100 (25 kills with dual Glock 18s)
Wall of fire - 250 (50 kills with dual Glock 18s)
Bullet hose wrangler - 1000 (100 kills with dual Glock 18s)
//lever shotgun bonuses

Kicks like a muel - 100 (15 kills with 1 Lever Shotgun)
short distance engagement - 250 (30 kills with 1 Lever Shotgun)
Shove it up their nose and pull the trigger - 1000 (50 kills with 1 Lever Shotgun)
//dual lever shotgun bonuses

Terminated - 100 (25 kills with dual Lever Shotguns)
Even better than a double barrel - 250 (50 kills with dual Lever Shotguns)
Hasta La Vista - 1000 (100 kills with dual Lever Shotguns)
//auto shogun bonuses

Buckshot artist - 100 (25 kills with the Auto Shotgun)
Scattergun master - 250 (50 kills with the Auto Shotgun)
Shotgun Sniper - 1000 (100 kills with the Auto Shotgun)
//rebound shotgun bonuses

On the rebound - 100 (25 kills with the Rebound Shotgun)
Can't miss - 250 (50 kills with the Rebound Shotgun)
Collateral damage - 1000 (100 kills with the Rebound Shotgun)
//pancor bonuses

No such thing as overkill - 100 (25 kills with the PANCOR Shotgun)
The more the merrier - 250 (50 kills with the PANCOR Shotgun)
Buckshot firestorm - 1000 (100 kills with the PANCOR Shotgun)
//spike grenade bonuses

Tactical Grenadier - 100 (25 kills with the Spike Grenade Launcher)
This is how to arc it - 250 (50 kills with the Spike Grenade Launcher)
Fire and shrapnel; this is my love - 1000 (100 kills with the Spike Grenade Launcher)
//grenade dart bonuses

Surprise inside! - 100 (25 kills with the Grenade Dart Launcher)
Five Second Fuse - 250 (50 kills with the Grenade Dart Launcher)
Tag! You're Dead! - 1000 (100 kills with the Grenade Dart Launcher)
//laser cannon bonuses

IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER - 100 (25 kills with the Laser Cannon)
IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZUR - 250 (50 kills with the Laser Cannon)
LAZOR OVURLOAD! - 1000 (100 kills with the Laser Cannon)
//tavor bonuses

This is my rifle - 100 (25 kills with the Tavor)
Bring on the assault - 250 (50 kills with the Tavor)
Never bring a pistol to a rifle fight - 1000 (100 kills with the Tavor)
//arrow gun bonuses

Skewered - 100 (25 kills with the Arrow Gun)
Human Shish Kebab - 250 (50 kills with the Arrow Gun)
Piercing Glare - 1000 (100 kills with the Arrow Gun)
//pipe bonuses

Crude but effective - 100 (25 kills with the Lead Pipe)
Clubby goodness - 250 (50 kills with the Lead Pipe)
Lead Pipe Ninja - 1000 (100 kills with the Lead Pipe)
//acid genade bonuses

Chemical Burn - 100 (25 kills with the Acid Grenade Launcher)
Flesh Melter - 250 (50 kills with the Acid Grenade Launcher)
Corrosive personality - 1000 (100 kills with the Acid Grenade Launcher)

Compare these with what you have in your Thing-Thing acheivement list. Once all of these is filled out, Artifact 19 is yours!


Thing-Thing Arena 3: Artifact 19 glitch EXLAINED

Posted by TacoRemix - March 2nd, 2009

I got a lot of suprisingly good reveiws over 2 flashes that didn't take me that long to make (aside from episode negative 0 which took me way too long) I have started to take my mic test character and make the shading a little better, as well as add thicker lines. After that I am going to start recording then work on The Nguyen and Entity which shouldn't take me that much time. Here's to shooting for the stars!

Pop-Soda ep. 1

Posted by TacoRemix - January 28th, 2009

I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on pixel art. Not really all that sure. Got any ideas? Respond here!

Posted by TacoRemix - April 23rd, 2008

Working on Pop-Soda, animating it anyway. All my comic book nerd friends have seen what I can do and they all say I need to be in comic-con, the only thing that I am hesitating on is.. well... should I be drawing it in the style I draw it on paper? Or should I be using my Alpha Characters? (balls for hands) either way it would be funny... then again I DID just get a new drawing pad.. hmmm. we'll see now won't we, i'm almost done wtih recording, so I better come up with something fast!